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Our founder

Quilting Mafia Lounge was founded by textile artist Elizabeth Oniri, it came about because she was faced with a small sink filled with a large pile of dirty dishes, her pet peeve (smile) unable to face it she decided to find ways that would encourage her to do the washing up and enjoy it. She has always had a passion for all things textile and wanted to use that passion to overcome her lack of enthusiasm for domesticity.

So the first luxury tea cloth was born and she has extended her range to art cloths, tablecloths (not wanting to clean up after guest) wall hang (to hide marks on the walls) cushions (because the sofa was getting old) and fabric post cards to send to love one’s. All pieces are handmade and are one-off’s made from recycled, new and gifted fabrics.

All pieces are either made using a sewing machine or by hand. I tend use’s nature fabrics to create just because I love the way in which they feel and respond to manipulation. I must admit that sometimes I do use man made fabrics they are usually vintage fabrics. I also runs workshops in schools and museums and accepts commissions.

Elizabeth Oniri

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